1st Round Preview, Game 6 – Possible Lineups + Level Up, Elimination Game, Stress Analysis

Who is the: Los Angeles Kings (3-2) – Edmonton Oilers (2-3)
what or what: 2022 STANLEY CUP PLAYOFFS – Round 1, Game 6
when: Thursday May 12 @ 7:00 PM Pacific Time
where: Crypto.com Arena – Los Angeles, California
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Tonight’s match: The Kings returned home with a chance to advance to the second round of the post-season. Leading 3-2 in the series, Los Angeles is one win away from its first win in the series since 2014, as tonight marks the series’ first elimination game.

face to face: Each Kings win was marked by a three-point effort, with Adrian Kempe (2-1-3) joining the club in Game 5. Kempe also scored the overtime winner, the third fastest player in LA Kings history. Kembe (2-3-5) is now tied with Philip Danault (3-2-5) and Trevor Moore (2-3-5) to lead the series in scoring among the Kings players.

Kings of Vitals: Win as you are through. Simple situation tonight for the Los Angeles Kings, who have two chances to qualify for the second round of the playoffs, the first of which comes tonight on the ice at home.

Jonathan Quick wasn’t on the ice for morning skiing, which has been his operation so far throughout the post-season. Kwik’s victory on Tuesday was his 25th victory in a road playoff game, with Tom Barrasso tied the most by an American-born goalkeeper. In the series so far, Quick is 3-2 with a 0.87 save ratio, 3.80 target vs average and 1 close.

The Kings did not hold a formal training yesterday, as the team was on a morning flight home from Edmonton. The full squad was back on the ice earlier today for the morning skating, giving us a possible glimpse into Game 6’s lineup for this evening.

Only one change was made before match five, with striker Andreas Athanasio returning to the squad in place of striker Gabi Velardi. Although not necessarily an expected change, it was an influential one, as Athanasio scored the team’s third goal in a 5-4 win in overtime. The Kings made changes in all of the series except for Game 2, where Todd McClellan and his crew pressed the correct buttons so far, and scored four goals in total from players who entered the squad after not playing the game before.

McClellan said this morning that the team will know sooner in the game if any changes will be made to the squad. With that in mind, the list of how Game 5 ended is listed below, with the group lining up the same way this morning –

Yavalo – Copetar – Kempe
Grundstrom – Danault – More
Athanasiou – Lisotte – Brown
Limio – Kupari – Kaliev

Anderson – Roy
Adler – Stitcher
Almata – Dorzi


For those looking for Viktor Arvidsson’s daily updates, Todd McLellan dropped the attacker from the series earlier today. Arvidsson hasn’t skated in nearly two weeks, with McLellan expressing “Going forward, we’ll worry about that if we need to” regarding any additional games should Kings advance.

Bio oils: The Oilers enter tonight’s game and face elimination for the first time in 2022 after the season ends. Edmonton has faced eliminations four times during the last three playoff rounds, setting a 1-3 record in that span.

No idea of ​​a change in target direction from Edmonton’s view heading into Game 6, with Mike Smith expected to make his sixth start in the series. Smith faced eliminations four times during his post-season career, posting a 1-3 record, with a 0.920 save percentage in those games with one closing that came in Los Angeles back in 2012.

According to Daniel Nugent Bowman of The Athletic, here’s how the Oilers lined up this morning –

A different look at the Oilers up front, with McDavid and Drystel playing together on a streak as they did at the bottom of Game Five. This modification is valid in the above pairs.

They will be required to make at least one additional change to Game 6, with defender Darnell suspended for a nurse for hitting the head of Kings forward Philip Danault in game five. First crack from today’s reports.

Notes –

Level Up
Todd McClellan made it clear that the Kings simply repeating their performance in Games 4 and 5 wouldn’t be enough to get the job done tonight in Game 6.

“We are well aware that reproducing the previous two games, 4 and 5, is not going to be good enough,” Todd McClellan said this morning. “We will push the players and they will push each other to perform at a higher level in all situations. If we do that, we will give ourselves a chance.”

The Kings did a lot of good things in those matches and they got the results they needed from them. However, in a long streak, it’s all about getting better as the seven games progress and getting better based on the night. In McClellan’s mind, the team that does that is the team that will eventually win the series and at 3-2, things are far from settled.

In Game Five in Edmonton, it was the Kings who took that step forward. They will need to take another one to succeed this evening.

Both spoke with striker Alex Yavalo and defender Alex Edler this morning, what it means to raise the bar in their own words. For the former, it starts with being aggressive, while for the latter, it’s all about sticking to the Kings hockey brand, and implementing it at a higher level.

Yavalo – To be aggressive, to be more aggressive, to check wisdom and to outsmart the pucks. In every area of ​​the game, to be better. I think the special teams are an area where we have to improve and go from there.

Edler – We just have to be ready to play our game. Be careful, be vigilant every time we step on the ice, and always know who is against you. We have to make sure that we play our game and that our intensity level is high.

All keys to tonight’s game, with a chance to win the series on the home ice in front of the Kings.

chamfering station
For the first time in this series, it is a single team elimination game and this match takes place with the Kings advancing 3-2.

From Edmonton’s perspective, they are without one of their captains and best defenders in Darnell Nurse, their time leader on the ice at the backend and first man in defense, although they still have more than a formidable group in clearance. The Kings expect the best of Edmonton tonight and know they have to play their game well to counteract that.

“We know we’re going to get their best tonight,” Edler said this morning. “They will be desperate, they will do everything they can, so we have to be prepared for that. We have to play our game and carry out our game.”

This is what always comes from the point of view of kings. They play their game and at this point, there aren’t a lot of aces in the hole that either training machine can play.

Teams can tweak streak combos, as both seem to work at least a little bit tonight and teams can make tweaks here and there, but as McClellan said for most of this season, the Kings know who they are at this point in the season and through Game 6, they know who their opponent is as well. Now, it comes down to which group will come out and do better in the event of an elimination.

“It’s a bit of a chess match earlier in the series, but then you’re using up all your chess moves and there aren’t many surprises,” McClellan said. “If we can get the best out of our group and get more out of our group, we’ll give ourselves that opportunity.”

With that in mind, the stakes are higher and the moment is bigger in Game 6.

For the Kings, it’s a chance to close the streak at home, and earn that right with their wins in games 4 and 5. It’s a chance to not have to face the elimination game themselves on the ice away. For the Oilers, this is their season on the line here, a game where they need to win in order to win another one.

A position for which the Kings will be strengthened, but they know they need to be steered the right way, especially on the ice at home.

“We just hold on to each other,” Yavalo said this morning. “That’s what we’ve been talking about about this whole series, sticking together and obviously you’re going to improve before the game, but you have to steer it the right way, take each rotation as if it were the last. We have to make sure we have more positives than mistakes tonight and we’ll be fine. “.


What do you know about PRESSURE?

Ray Finkel knows. Kings and oilers do too, even if they don’t necessarily agree on how it will fall. Edmonton coach Jay Woodcroft said all the pressure is on the Kings to close the series at home, even though they are the team that has two chances of a serial win, versus one.

Perhaps Todd McClellan is better suited than others to deal with. He lived a playoff tour as head coach for the Edmonton Oilers and is now living a playoff tour as head coach for the Los Angeles Kings. He knows the pressure differences for both teams, detailed below.

“I was asked earlier in the series about the pressure, and whether it’s on us or on them. There’s an internal pressure on us. We’ve talked about this before and we put an internal pressure on ourselves. Maybe I’m the only one who can talk to this, because I lived on the bench. their own and now I live on our seat, it’s completely different.Our pressure is what we put on ourselves, their pressure is tremendous, all over the oil country, all over Canada, superstars, the pressure of the media, where they were and what they want to do. He’s used a lot of People who have followed this series term home money and we don’t see it that way, but it also creates a different set of pressure points for each organization, I think.”

Different certainly, but it’s broad for both. Externally, the pressure is much higher and only increases on oil lubricants. For royalty, it is the pressure they put on themselves as an organization to be here to do some harm, as Philip Danault put it. We will see how this pressure will be responded to by both sides later this evening.

Kings and Oilers, tonight at 7 p.m., with a grab chance at stake this evening for the hosts. As always, leave early if you are going out, and set the scheduled time regularly if not!