2022 NBA Draft: Ten schools with a lot at stake as key underclass men decide to go back to school or turn professional

The way the NBA draft calendar works, college coaches often wait in the summer months to see if key players will be on their roster as the lower tier men decide whether to go back to school or stay in the draft. With just a few weeks left until the June 1 NCAA deadline for first entrants to withdraw and maintain their eligibility for next season, some college coaches are still unsure of what their teams will look like next season.

This year’s pool includes all-Americans dipping their toes in the water, from last season and potentially all-Americans in the future, too. And conference titles and even national titles — remember that last year, kansas He was waiting Ochai AgbajiHis decision until 11 – he could swing based on the right NBA player saying “no.”

Here are 10 teams that have a lot on the line as they test some of their lower-tier key men before deciding whether to stay in the 2022 NBA Draft or return to play college basketball for another season.

The Wildcats can bring back four Novices from a team that went 33-4, earned a Top seed in the NCAA Tournament and reached the Sweet 16. For that to happen, Christian Koloko And Dalene Terry Need to go back to Arizona. Koloko was among the top defensive men in the country, placing 12.6 points in a 63.5% shootout. Terry can be the most interesting option; His versatility could allow him to take off and compete for the All-Pac-12 Awards as he progresses to a bigger role on the winger.

Among the SEC teams, Tennessee He has more players making more decisions, although they may be more locked into survival or relocation options than Jaylene Williams he is. Arkansas’ vision as the best team in the country begins with its elite defensive capabilities, which culminates in a roster of multiplayer and interchangeable players. And that almost doesn’t seem possible without Williams, the 2022 first-team All-SEC and SEC All-Defensive, on the back line.

The bad news for the bears is that Matthew Mayer He looks like he’s heading to another school after entering the transfer gate, if he doesn’t stay in the draft. The important player here is Adam Flagler. Flagler was Baylor’s best goalkeeper in team play, averaging nearly 16 points per game while shooting 43.3%. The comeback could see Flagler as the hot favorite for the 12-times player of the year and pre-season, and he would be among the nation’s top players.

David Rudy The difference between the Rams being a dangerous team and a dangerous average team that might not make it to the NCAA Championship. At the college level, he’s a unique talent who looks like he’s bouncing, blocking shots and results inside like old school forward power, while also shooting 43.8% from a 3-point range and passing like some point guards. If Rudy returns to Colorado, this team could be in the top 25, and could enter the All-America Awards.

The Bulldogs are great in that they don’t just wait for potential stars Drew Tim And Julian Strother – That would be enough to get a place on this list – but also for potential transfers as well. It includes Texas Tech wing Kevin McCullar, which chooses between NBA, Gonzaga, and Kansas and appears to be the perfect plug-and-play option. Bringing back Timme alone will likely establish the Zags as a top-five team again.

Hoosiers is currently ranked 11th nationally BartTorvik.com Assuming that Trace Jackson Davis I will go back to school. He took it out, and Indiana fell to 33rd. That’s a huge drop, from a top-10 team to a potentially high rating: KenPom.comThe team was the 33rd destined for the NCAA Championship Michiganwhich ranked 11th. There are a few singles players out there who test the waters and have this kind of potential swing in their teams.

Kansas will get a huge boost if Christian Brown and Jalen Wilson go back to school.



Like Gonzaga, the Kansas Inbound or Outbound Telescope focuses on both potential returns and transfers. Unlike Gonzaga, KS can’t do one without the other. Christian Brown And Galen Wilson Both are testing the waters, and if they both return, KS is a tight scholarship. So the transport targets such as McCullar and Missouri‘s Isiaih Mosley (who also test the waters) really feel like backup plans should Brown and/Wilson leave. Brown appears most likely to remain on the draft, which will provide one scholarship for a potential transfer, while Wilson may be due to return after failing to secure an invite to the NBA Draft Combine.


Both new five-star students at Wolverine, Caleb Hostan And Moussa DiabatI decided to test the waters. And Hustan may have stayed after turning down an invitation to the NBA Draft Combine — that could often indicate a promise the NBA team made. Both returning players put Wolverine in the top 10 without a doubt. If neither returns, Michigan drops significantly from those rankings. And if Diabate returns, the Wolverines will be somewhere in between.

There is only one player who really decides here, but he is a great player: the goalkeeper Max Christie. Christie averaged 9.3 points per game after arriving at Michigan State as a five-star freshman, but he didn’t hit the ball anywhere near his ability level. Returning to MSU makes sense for Christie and the Spartans, who could win the Big Ten title if he played to his star potential.

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If 3/4 of these teams seem to be big schools, it worked that way, which means the top of the conference is still somewhat in flux. But Scarlett Knights has the ability to appear as a Big Ten candidate not like a dark horse Ron Harper Jr.. And Caleb McConnell He decided to restart it at Rutgers.