2022 NFL schedule: Game of the week, from Bills-Rams opener to Tom Brady vs. Rodgers, Mahomes back-to-back

The NFL has released its full schedule for the 2022 season. 272 ​​games will be played throughout the regular season, then 13 more during the playoffs. At the end of all this, we will be crowned a champion.

Every now and then we actually have to play all 272 games of the regular season, which is spread out over 18 weeks. You can find all kinds of schedule analysis all over this site, whether it’s with our team-by-team schedules, schedule strength, primetime schedules, event history schedules, and more.

But in this space, we will highlight what we consider The best Matches scheduled to be played each week of the regular season. Enjoy.

(Note: We have tried to limit the usage of each team to a maximum of four appearances, otherwise we will only keep a running roster of AFC West matches, which is not fun for fans of other teams.)

Yes, this is a file Amazing Season kick off match. We have the defending champions hosting one of the best opponents, in a stadium that will be absolutely full of stars on either side of the ball. In addition, there is an advantage with von miller He plays against the team he just left in free agency.

Also note: 49ers at bearAnd patriots at dolphinsAnd crows at PlanesAnd heads at basicsAnd pirate at Cowboys (SNF), Bronco at Seahawks (multinational force)

Week 2: chargers In Chiefs (TNF)

These two teams played two electric games last season, and given the talent that exists (especially at centre-back), it looks like that tradition should continue well into the future. Watch Patrick Mahomes And Justin Herbert Go shot for shot will be one of football’s greatest joys in the next decade. (or not.)

Also worth noting: the dolphins in the Ravens, the pirates in saintsAnd Bengals in Cowboys titans In Bells (MNF), Vikings at the Eagles (multinational force)

the third week: Packers in pirate

Tom Brady against. Aaron Rodgers? Yes please. We’ll already see the new-looking Packers attack without Davant Adams For two weeks before this match, so they will have time to enjoy the rhythm. These are two of the top contenders in NFC so it should be a very interesting and very interesting game.

Also marked: heads in poniesBills at Dolphins, Ravens at Patriots, Rams at Cardinals

Week 4: Hacker Heads (SNF)

Yes, the Bucs actually host Aaron Rodgers one week and Patrick Mahomes the next. Mahomes’ vs Brady rematch of so many important games they’ve already played against each other is sure to be a TV must-see.

Also noteworthy: Dolphins at Bengals, Bills at Ravens, Titans at Colts, Broncos at Raidersthe Rams at the 49ers (MNF)

Fifth week: chargers in Brown

One of the best games of last season is going back in week five. This pits two of the league’s most aggressive coaches against each other, with Brandon Staley and Kevin Stefansky both ready to let their offensive attacks and take them down for fourth. And cases of two points. There’s also a strong contrast between the two offensive tackles, which can make things interesting.

Also worth mentioning: Colts at the Broncos (TNF), Cowboys at Rams, Bengals at Ravens (SNF), Raiders at Chiefs (MNF)

Week 6: Billing in Chiefs

This is one of the “you have to be in front of the TV screen for every second” games of the season, and apparently every season at this point. The Bills and Chiefs played two great games last season, and most NFL fans are still waiting Josh Allen To get his chance to respond to Patrick Mahomes’ latest landing ticket Travis Kelsey from the partition tour.

Also noteworthy: Patriots in Browns, Bengals in Saints, Cowboys in Eagles, Broncos in Chargers

Week 7: Brown at the Ravens

The AFC North appears to be one of the strongest teams in the league this season, and both the Browns and Ravens should be at or near the top spot. This match puts what should be two of the league’s strongest rush attacks against each other, so if you like the game of land and pounds, you’ll want to tune in.

Also noteworthy: Presidents at the age of 49, Steelers in Dolphins (SNF)

Week 8: Packers at Bills (SNF)

I would really like to sign up to watch Rodgers compete with Allen in Orchard Park, NY.

Also noteworthy: Crows in the Pirates (TNF), Dolphins at blackRaiders at Saints, Steelers at Eagles, 49ers at Rams, Bengals at Browns (MNF)

Week 9: Rams in the Pirates

The Bucs get a chance to avenge their playoff loss to the eventual Super Bowl champions, and they get that chance on their court. what time do you watch it Aaron Donald And Galen Ramsey Against GOAT, in addition to Todd Bowles’ scheming against Sean McVeigh, you want to make sure you’re available.

Also noteworthy: Ponies in the Patriots, Titans in Chiefs (SNF), Crows in Saints (MNF)

Week 10: Cowboys at Packers

Dallas and Green Bay have played many unforgettable games in the past, but this match will be the first that pits the two teams against each other as Mike McCarthy coaches the team. Cowboys instead of packages. Can he lead his new team to victory in his old land? I can’t wait to find out.

Also notable: Browns at Dolphins, Broncos at Titans, Cardinals at Rams, Chargers at 49ers (SNF)

Week 11: 49ers in the Rams (MNF)

Kyle Shanahan. Sean McVeigh. Tree training. NFC title rematch game. A diverse running game in San Francisco against a defense that has had quite a bit of success in the recent past…even the aforementioned NFC title game.

Also noteworthy: Browns at Bills, Eagles at Colts, Rams at Saints, Chiefs at Chargers, Bengals at Steelers (SNF)

Twelfth Week: Rams in Chiefs

This is one of the busiest weeks of the season, with great games all weekend. This one is at the top of the list, though, because it features the best offensive and defensive players in the NFL, as well as two of the league’s best coaches and several stars on both sides of the ball.

Also note: giants At Cowboys (Thanksgiving), Pirates at Browns, Bengals at Titans, Chargers at Cardinals, Saints at 49ers, Packers at Eagles (SNF), Steelers at Colts (MNF)

Week 13: Broncos at Ravens

Russell Wilson against Lamar Jackson In a two-team match likely to compete for a supplement spot late in the season? I’m in it!

Also note: Bills at the Patriots (TNF), Packers at Bears, Browns at TexasTitans at Eagles, Dolphins at 49ers, Chiefs at Bengals, Chargers at Raiders, Colts at Cowboys (SNF)

Week 14: The Pirates at the 49ers

Brady’s travels to Northern California to face his favorite childhood team is always fun. We’re sure we’ll get a lot of nostalgia on our way to this one. Plus, it should be a great match between two great teams. Bonus points if Tree Lance It lived up to high expectations and has the Niners in a position to make a playoff.

Also noteworthy: Raiders in Rams, Browns in Bengals, Ravens in Steelers, Dolphins in Chargers, Chiefs in Broncos (SNF), Patriots in Cardinals (MNF)

Week Fifteen: The Patriots in Raiders

Bill Belichick vs. Josh McDaniels. The teacher versus the student. It’s on, my friends.

Also noteworthy: Cardinals at the Broncos, Titans at Chargers, Bengals at Buccaneers, and Rams at Packers (MNF)

Week 16: Eagles at Cowboys

The showdown between the two teams is expected to contend for the NFC East crown, two weeks before the end of the season. Late-year games between the Eagles and Cowboys always seem to hold great significance, and this year’s numbers will be no exception.

Also noteworthy: Saints at Browns (Saturday), Bengals at Patriots (Saturday), Raiders at Steelers (Saturday), Packers at Dolphins (Christmas), Broncos at Rams (Christmas), Buccaneers at Cardinals (Christmas), Chargers at Colts ( MNF)

Week 17: Bills in the Bengals (MNF)

Josh Allen, Josh Burrow, Stephen DiggsAnd Ja’Marr ChaseAnd Gabriel DavisAnd T. Higgins…this game may explode with points. This, of course, unless the likes of von Miller and Tre’Davious white And Trey Hendrickson And Jesse Bates And more to say about it.

Also noteworthy: Cowboys at Titans, Steelers at Ravens, Broncos at Chiefs, Saints at Eagles, Rams at Chargers (SNF)

Week Eighteen: Crows in Bengals

It is very likely that this will be the match that determines the North Asian champion. It seems very likely that it will have two teams either fighting for play-off position or battling it out to get onto the field. And it doesn’t hurt that they are two very watchable teams regardless of the importance of the game.

Also worth mentioning: Patriots at Bills, Browns at Steelers, Chargers at Broncos, Chiefs at Raiders, Cardinals at 49ers