Accel World vs Sword Art Online: Which series is better?

Cartoons in the virtual world have been the rage around the release of sword art online, creator Rikki Kohara was a major force behind it. It wasn’t only sword art online Insanely popular, and still among many, it aired almost simultaneously with other Kawahara works, axel world. These two anime feature virtual worlds accessed through a neural link, but are surprisingly different in general.

axel worldWritten by Rikki Kohara, it stars a short, stocky high school student who feels ostracized by society and is constantly bullied. He constantly escapes to virtual reality online any chance he gets. After meeting the girl who He knows him as a fighting game Which happens by speeding up his brain waves, he finds a place where he can find more success than he can in the real world.

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Compare Sword Art Online

sword art onlineAlso written by Rikki Kohara, it stars a talented player who guides others through a virtual game where the only way to leave is death. These two stories share some great similarities, such as the discovery The “best” self in a virtual reality game. However, there are some key differences that set them apart, and make one feel superior to the other.

One immediately obvious difference comes with the quality of the animation. Since the first episode of each show, it’s easy to see sword art online Much higher production value. The animation is smooth, the fighting scenes are clear, and the characters feel like living, animated creatures.

axel worldOn the other hand, it does not offer quite the same quality. There are many scenes of characters standing completely still, and at times the show can feel more like a slideshow than an animation. explosive fight scenes, But it is difficult to track. The animation is simply incomparable.

Accel World Music and Characters

Music is another point where these two charts differ greatly. sword art online It delivers a great score that perfectly highlights every moment from the fight to the quietest moments. axel worldThe soundtrack feels more standard for anime, with not many tracks being quite as memorable as the ones in sword art online.

Obviously, another major aspect of these two animations is their protagonists. In this section, these stories vary greatly. Kirito is a star sword art online and a model for Many future Iskee heroes. He is extremely confident and capable in just about everything during his show. Any struggle he encounters can generally be overcome by showing him enough will.

Haruyuki approx The exact opposite of Kirito. He is shy, suspicious of his own skills, lacks any form of confidence, and is admittedly not very good at the central game of his online story. Haruyuki appears to either get lucky in many of his situations or be helped by any number of side characters. His lack of confidence is the hallmark of Haruyuki’s character, in the same way that Kirito’s overconfidence is.

virtual world stories

There are some minor aspects to the stories that, while they might not necessarily be considered bad one way or the other, are certainly different. at sword art onlineThe stakes of the story are the lives of the characters themselves. To die in the game means to die in real life, and to kill another means to kill another person. This adds significant weight to many of the story arcs, as each battle could mean the end of any character.

axel world He has similar bets, but overall very different in play. Being able to Brain Burst means being able to not only get access to the virtual fighting game, but also the ability to cheat on tests, excel in sports, and In general, you will be more successful in life. Brain Burst gives its users the ability to spend their time interacting, learning and adapting. Dying in this world means losing access to Brain Burst, losing access to your memories of him. This doesn’t hold the same stakes as actual death, but it’s still valid for the show’s characters who fear losing their spot.

Background characters are another minor point. background characters in axel world They serve more as a constant outfit for the main characters’ story. It is fairly clear when a particular character is likely to be a major feature of the story. There are some of this as well as in sword art onlinebut just about any character can suddenly become hugely important and every character carries some weight when taken out.

At the end of the day, these two shows serve a lot of the same purpose as far as animations go. They are the power fantasies of those who feel a kinship with the main characters on each individual show. Both take place in a virtual world that allows one to be anything they plan, and this virtual world carries some risk of losing it. Beyond that, the similarities end, and there are some objective aspects to it all Leave sword art online on top.

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