Ashley Judd says her mother died of a gunshot wound

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(WJW/AP) – Ashley Judd shared details about her mother’s death in an emotional interview about mental health and TODAY Naomi Good He died in an interview broadcast on Thursday “Good morning America.”

Judd said her 76-year-old mother used a firearm when she committed suicide last month.

She said she was visiting her mother, 76, at her home in Tennessee that day. I discovered her upstairs after I went out to get a friend for her mother.

“She was clearly struggling, and as such, her days up to that point had been painful for her,” Judd said in the interview.

Judd said it’s important for the family, which is very public, to be upfront about the loss and to uphold her mother’s dignity.

“When we talk about mental illness, it’s very important, to be clear and differentiate our loved ones from illness,” Judd said in the interview. “Fall. It’s brutal. You know, my mother, our mother, could not hold out until she was entered into the Hall of Fame by her peers. I mean, that was the level of disaster for what was going on inside of her because the dividing barrier – the gaze they held onto could not penetrate her heart. And the lie that the disease told her was very convincing.”

Ashley Judd said her mother shot herself with a pistol, but asked for privacy about other details of the death. Naomi Judd wrote candidly about her depression and anxiety in her memoir “River of Time” and Ashley said that because of this she cherished every moment she spent with her mother.

Naomi Judd’s daughters announced her death in the following statement on April 30:

“Today we sisters witnessed a tragedy. We lost our beautiful mother to a mental illness,” the statement said. “We are devastated. We are dealing with a deep heartbreak and know that just as we loved her, so did her fans. We are in uncharted territory.”

Gods was due to be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame the day after Naomi’s death, and they just announced a arena tour starting in the fall, their first together in over a decade.

The two daughters, Winona and Ashley, accepted the induction amidst the tears, holding onto each other and reciting a Bible verse together.

“I’m sorry she couldn’t hold it until today,” Ashley Judd said of her mother to the audience as she cried. Winona Judd spoke about the family gathering where they said goodbye to her and she and Ashley Judd recited Psalm 23.

“Even though my heart is broken I will continue to sing,” said Winona Judd.

Naomi Judd wrote candidly about her depression and anxiety in her memoir “River of Time” and Ashley said that because of this she cherished every moment she spent with her mother.

“I really accepted the love my mother was able to give me because I knew she was vulnerable,” Judd said. “So when I walked around the back of their house and walked in the kitchen door and said, ‘There’s my baby, there’s my baby. “And it lit up. I enjoyed those moments.”

Naomi and Winona Judd have recorded 14 #1 hits in a career spanning nearly three decades. The red-headed duo combined traditional Appalachian sounds with polished pop styles, scoring goal after goal in the ’80s. Wynonna led the duo with her powerful vocals, while Naomi provided harmony and elegant looks on stage.

The Judds released six studio albums and an EP between 1984 and 1991 and won nine Country Music Association Awards and seven from the Academy of Country Music. They have earned a total of five Grammy Awards together for songs such as “Why Not Me” and “Give A Little Love”, and Naomi received a sixth Grammy for writing “Love Can Build a Bridge”.

If you or someone you know has suicidal thoughts or needs help, please call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255 or visit