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did you see that? The 22 broke the 24 however the 22 was allowed to keep the win and the giant check.

Well, by a show of hands, how many of you didn’t think Joey Logano would smash William Byron to win the race? After all, NASCAR doesn’t just allow bumping and running that they seem to encourage.

Lugano hasn’t won a race in about a year and may need two wins to qualify for this year’s qualifiers. After climbing out of his car, he made fun of Byron hitting a wall in the last reboot. Television presenters hardly ever talked about it, but I think Lugano felt he had to justify his actions.

Byron then said, “He ran over everyone, so I don’t see what’s different. I mean, he was faster. He could have easily reached the left stern and loosened me, but he’s running there 10 miles an hour faster. He didn’t even barely make a corner, so no I know why he’s going in hard and kicking (expletive) out of you. It doesn’t make sense.”

Lugano said, “If you are willing to take the step to gain the initiative by doing so, drive another car into the wall, you have opened the door for revenge to victory. When you do, you have to see it coming and anticipate it too, which is why he slowly went into the corner And low, he knew he was coming.

“So yeah, that’s what I had to do. I won’t get pushed. I won’t get bullied. That’s how this works. This is how I’ve done this sport for years. Like I said, if it’s not, I’m not making that move. I’m going to race cleaner and try to be Make the movement in a different way.

“We are equal,” Lugano said. “We’re equal, man. You put me in the wall first. Like I said, the game started. At that point in my view it’s equal. If I chase him off the road for no reason there’s to win the race without ever doing anything to me in the past, which I didn’t He does in the past, and it’s not like he meant to fencing me. I don’t think he meant to shove me into the wall. The facts are what he did.”

William Byron and Ross Chastain are the only drivers in qualifying. The reason is that they have two wins. If 17 or more men win the race, the tie is on points.

So yes, someone might win one of the first 26 races and not be competing for the championship.

New England Supermodified Series

The new Supermodified Series (NESS) big block is scheduled to start the 2022 season on May 7 in Oxford. But supply chain problems have left teams using built engines scrambling for parts.

Teams using the new spec 572 engine were ready to race but with about half the teams running built engines, the decision was made to delay by a week.

That means White Mountain Motorsports Park will host the division’s first-ever race on May 15.

• NESS will race at Oxford Plains Speedway, White Mountain Motorsports Park, Thunder Road, Monadnock Speedway, Lee USA Speedway, Seekonk and Thompson. Early this week

There were 15 drivers pre-registered for this season and many more drivers planning to run some events.

• The WMMP event will pay $2,500 to the winner, the second $1,500, and the third $1,100. The fourth will be the big bank, the fifth through the tenth – the fifth is $1,000, the sixth is $850, the seventh is $800, the eighth is $775, the ninth is $750, the tenth is $725. Each person from 11th place earns $700.

41 Super Late Models are shown in Oxford, May 7. The results: 1. Cole Butcher, 2. Johnny Clark, 3. DJ Show, 4. Curtis Jerry, 5. Brandon Parker, 6. Trevor Sanborn, 7. Gabe Brown, 8. Kyle D’Souza, 9. Eddie MacDonald, 10. Dave Farrington Jr., 11. Max Cookson, 12. Dillon Moltz, 13. Joe Pasteur, 14. Jeff White, 15. Nick Sweet, 16. Garrett Hall, 17. Ryan Coon, 18. Joey Polewarczyk, 19. Anthony Costantino, 20 Dennis Spencer, 21. Ryan Robbins, 22. Rusty Poland, 23. David Oliver, 24. Evan Beaulieu, 25. Scott McDaniel, 26. Dan Winter, 27. Ben Rowe, 28. Cory Bobar, 29. Kevin Casper, 30 Tim Brackett, 31. Travis Benjamin, 32. Gary Smith, 33. Donnie Colbet, 34. Evan Hallstrom, 35. Michael Scorselli, 36. Randy Gullit, 37. Evan Cavill, 38. Gary Drew, 39. Kyle Salemi, DNS Travis Buzzell and T.J. Brackett.

• 17 drivers completed all 150 laps.

Belt-In by Big Bigelow: NASCAR News Flash: Leader's smash still OK

Lapp leaders: Evan Hallström (1-8), Cole Butcher (9-17), Johnny Clark (18-88), Butcher (89-150).

Most laps driven by: Clark – 73 laps.

Hard Charger: Brandon Parker – 19th to 5th (14 points).

Bad luck: Hallstrom – 1st to 34th (34 places).

Fastest lap: Hallstrom – 15,529.

Ridge jammed the pits on May 7 with 114 race cars, including 26 DIRTcar modified sports cars, 19 sports coupes, 13 USAC DMA Midgets, 9 late models, 17 Dirt Stockers and 30 Ridge Runners.

• May 14 – This is the second event of the DIRTcar Sportsman East series. The event, sponsored by VP Racing and Sabil and Sons, will see the winner win over $1,000, and everyone will receive a $100 minimum.

At last weekend’s banquet, the 2021 King of the Mountain, supermodel champion Jeff Marshall was honoured. A former sportsmanship winner, Marshall has three wins and six podiums.

The Avery Award is given to an individual who exemplifies the same spirit, tenacity and dedication to motorsports and White Mountain Motorsports Park that the Avery family has owned since the racetrack’s inception nearly three decades ago. Six-time champion Stacey Cahoun took home the award this year, not from his many successes, but from his embodiment of those ideals during his 35-year career in motorsports.

The late Mike Zorkowski was awarded the 2021 White Mountain Motorsports Park Sports Award

• The WMMP is open with a double-headed weekend from May 14-15. May 14 at 6 p.m. Four-section card with extra mileage features for Late Models, Flying Tigers, Strictly Stock Mini’s, and Dwarf Cars.

May 15 at 1pm features the world premiere of the New England Supermodified Series as well as PASS Super Late Model 150, PASS Modifieds, Mini Late Models and Kids.

May 14 is Opening Day with Late Models, Street Stocks, (Mattix) Mad Dogs 6 & 8-cylinder, Lightning 4s, Lil Rascals, Cyclone stock 4s and Dare Devils.

Upload family and access a short local path. But remember: “If you’re not entertained, stay home and don’t disturb those of us.”