Corona Virus Committee: Meat companies lied about impending shortages and put workers at risk

New York CNN Business – At the height of the pandemic, as the coronavirus infected tens of thousands of meat industry workers and caused hundreds of deaths, executives at the nation’s largest meat producers were aware of the transmission risks in their plants and successfully lobbied the Trump White House and the US Department of … Read more

Why did the union’s efforts spread more at Starbucks than on Amazon?

Almost six weeks after The voices of successful unions At two Buffalo-area Starbucks stores in December, workers filed papers for at least a union election 20 more Starbucks sites nationwide. By contrast, since the Amazon Workers Union Victory last month In a vote at a massive warehouse on Staten Island, workers at one other Amazon … Read more

The G7 discusses measures to break the Russian embargo on Ukraine’s grain exports | st 7

The G7 foreign and agriculture ministers at meetings in Germany will discuss urgent measures to break the Russian blockade of grain exports from Ukraine’s ports, including an attempt to open routes through Romanian and Baltic ports. The grain export ban has quickly become one of Ukraine’s most pressing diplomatic and humanitarian crises. Joe Biden said … Read more

Russian gas: Europe is running out of time to find alternatives

London CNN Business – security Europe energy supplies It seems more shaken day by day. Just 24 hours after Ukraine reduced the flow of natural gas through its territory to Europe, blaming interference by Russian forces, Gazprom suspended supplies through the Yamal-Europe pipeline that runs through Poland, and stopped sending gas to a distributor in … Read more

The US bailout of Biden has exacerbated inflation

With President Joe Biden’s legislative agenda stalled in Congress, the US bailout – the $1.9 trillion stimulus bill passed by Democrats in March 2021 – may represent his biggest achievement. But did it contribute to the current inflationary chaos in the country? The massive spending law that included Checks worth $1400 Everyone in the family, … Read more

Russian ships carrying stolen Ukrainian grain have moved away from Mediterranean ports – but not all

CNN has identified the ship as the Matros Pozynic bulk carrier. On April 27, the ship weighed anchor off the coast of Crimea, turning off the transponder. The next day, he was seen in the port of Sevastopol, the main port in Crimea, according to photographs and satellite images. Matros Pozynich is one of three … Read more

Why the Fed wants a hiring freeze in America: Morning Brief

This article first appeared in the Morning Brief. Get your morning feed sent straight to your inbox every Monday through Friday by 6:30 a.m. ET. Participate Today’s newsletter by Ethan Wolf Man, great writer. Follow him on Twitter Tweet embed. The chorus of those who want a weaker job market is getting louder. after the … Read more

Social Security recipients could see biggest cost of living increase in 40 years

SlatesStone Wealth Chief Market Strategist Kenny Polkari and Mayflower Advisors Managing Partner Larry Glazer influence inflation and which sectors to invest in. social Security Recipients are preparing to receive the largest cost-of-living increase in more than four decades as inflation rapidly erodes the purchasing power of retired Americans. The Seniors League, a nonpartisan group focused … Read more

Disney executives tout strong results on second-quarter earnings call, stay silent on Florida dispute

Former Florida Attorney General Pam Bundy offers insight into Disney’s rescinded autonomy status, election security and Elon Musk’s Twitter display of “Kudlow.” Disney CEOs tout strong growth in Disney + . subscribers flow Platform and a strong recovery in attendance at the company’s headquarters in the United States amusement park In an earnings call on … Read more