5 Venture Capital Firms for Early Stage Startups in India

Over the past decade, India’s business landscape has seen growth and prosperity of startups across sectors. New technologies, innovations and investments have let the ecosystem come alive, creating jobs and inspiring more entrepreneurs to make the leap, and now India is the third startup ecosystem in the world after we And China. 2021 was a … Read more

Investment Firm Rewarded for Selling in Top Markets – TechCrunch

It used to be that venture capitalists could not sell their stake in a portfolio company before selling it or going public without raising questions about the company’s prospects. As startups started staying private for longer, venture capital and management teams became more comfortable selling some of their holdings to new investors, but now many … Read more

Don’t bother VCs for stray startups

Founders Founders. They are really special. But there is no doubt that the current hype about venture capital (VC) firms and the companies investing in them is based on the faulty premise that no founder can do anything wrong. Unfortunately, some can, and some will. Don’t forget that we live in a time, on a … Read more

Fear and loathing return to tech startups

Startup workers came into 2022 anticipating another year of initial public offerings that poured cash. Then the stock market collapsed, Russia invaded Ukraine, hyperinflationInterest rates rose. Instead of going public, startups started cutting costs and laying off employees. People started dumping their startup stocks, too. Phil Haslett, founder of EquityZen, which helps private companies and … Read more