Apps to make taxes easier next year | taxes

Taxpayers gave a collective sigh of relief After the tax deadline in April Passed successfully. Another year of jihad for collecting receipts and calculating expenses is over. However, tax season doesn’t have to be a crazy rush to collect tax documents. Instead of waiting until next spring to get organized, start now. Mobile apps make … Read more

Mortgage and Refinancing Rates Today: May 12, 2022

Mortgage rates have fallen slightly in the past few days, although they are still above 5%. On Wednesday, the latest CPI data was released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which shows that Prices increased by 8.3% On an annual basis in April. This is a slight slowdown from March, when the CPI reached an … Read more

The Only Countries That Teach Personal Finance (And What You Should Teach Kids Yourself)

picture: and narrate (stock struggle) Recently, Georgia becomes the thirteenth state in the country To commission a personal finance education for high school the students. to me The next generation of personal financeGeorgia joins Alabama, Florida, Iowa, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Ohio, Tennessee, Utah and Virginia in asking teens to take At … Read more

Should you invest in I bonds to protect against inflation? | personal financing

(Robin Hartell, CFP®) In normal times, it would be impossible to achieve a guaranteed 9.62% return on your money with virtually no risk. But with inflation soaring to its highest levels in 40 years, that’s exactly what Series I bonds have to offer. The US Treasury recently announced that the bonds will pay an annual … Read more

These stocks are your friends during a market crash | Smart Change: Personal Finance

(Morri Bachmann) It’s been a really tough ride for investors over the past few weeks. Stock values ​​have been dropping since the second part of April, and that’s on top of the losses investors already saw in their portfolios due to volatility earlier in the year. At this point, it would be premature to say … Read more

This financial mistake cost me hundreds last year

Image source: Getty Images Signing up for auto-renewing subscriptions was expensive. the main points I signed up for many free trials and forgot to cancel. It was charged to a credit card that I don’t use often, so I didn’t check my statements regularly. As a result, I spent hundreds of dollars unnecessarily. Last year, … Read more

Why you should reconsider an indirect 401(k) | . extension Smart Change: Personal Finance

(Steven Walters) Because 401(k) plans are sponsored by your employer, your plan won’t stay the same when you switch jobs. Fortunately, you don’t have to go through your life trying to keep up with every 401(k) you’ve been through — you can make an even bigger pass. Rollover occurs when you transfer money from one … Read more

3 Reasons to Consider Dividend Kings for Your Retirement Account | personal financing

(Steven Walters) Not all companies that pay equal dividends are created. While there are some companies that you can say have reliable dividends, there are others that have earned the title of “King of Distributions”. If you are looking for investments that can provide reliable income and have stood the test of time, look no … Read more