Moon Night Art reveals a lot of scary designs of Amit Crocodile (photos)

Now that the last episode of moon knight was released in Disney +Slowly, the concept of art for display is beginning to emerge. These concept art pieces gave fans a glimpse of what it could be, like London is consumed by sandIt was directly inspired by Jeff Lemmer’s Moon Knight, but is now a scary … Read more

A unique American painter and his perpetually neglected wife

Hartford, Connecticut – There has always been a certain amount of fluidity in our appreciation of American modernist dissident Milton Avery (1885-1965). And this is not only because of the light, airy and boldly simplified semi-abstract paintings of sand, sea and sky that characterized his last decade. Avery was not technically affiliated, nor was he … Read more

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Soothing colors make this busy couple’s New Orleans home a haven, but it gets a lively kick from the colorful artwork | entertainment / life

As a newlywed couple, Stephanie and Scott Craig lived in downtown New Orleans above Katie’s Restaurant, one of the two restaurants they own – Katie and Francesca by Katie. In the end, the restaurant needed the upstairs space and Craigs needed a home separate from the business. They acted quickly, buying a house in Lakewood … Read more

Bruce Mao: The world-class designer whose work continues | documentaries

WCanadian designer Bruce Mau was invited to Guatemala to help reimagine the country’s future, and they gave him the name Bruce, who was “on the verge of redesigning Guatemala.” Although this was somewhat of a stretch, the scope in which he helped change the nation’s outlook was similarly huge. The indigenous people of Guatemala called … Read more

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The woman standing behind the most famous Tarot deck in the world was almost lost in history

written by Jackie Palumbo, CNN Put a question in your mind, shuffle randomly, select your cards and see your future. For centuries, people from all walks of life have turned to the Tarot to inspire what may lie ahead and reach a higher level of self-understanding. The mysterious symbols of cards have become culturally ingrained … Read more

New Profile Pic App Celeb Photo Transformations

Zendaya created by artificial intelligence is everything. 😍 Lately, people have been using the app to create avatars for selfies, and TBH, it’s kind of addictive. All you have to do is upload your photo, choose a cartoon style, and within a few seconds you have a sketch that looks like it was inspired by … Read more

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PHOTOS: Artists paint murals under the Johnson City Bridge | living

Amid the hustle and bustle of bustling traffic, huge murals depicting the animals and plants of Northeast Tennessee form under Highway 26 on North Roan Street. Johnson City hired Philip Ortiz, an artist originally from Colombia, to paint the pieces across four walls under the bridge. Ortiz has lived in Massachusetts for 20 years, but … Read more