Lance Bass Deletes Amber Heard TikTok Video After Backlash

Lance Bass and Amber Heard. KCR/Shutterstock Matt Barron/Shutterstock restore it. Lance Bass delete it Amber Heard– Inspired by a TikTok video after it was criticized for apparently making fun of victims of domestic violence. NSync alum, 43, shared a clip on Monday, May 16, in which he pretends to stumble, fall on the floor and … Read more

How to make money online as a musician

When choosing a side hustle, people’s priorities vary. A third, 34%, of scammers prioritize working with a flexible schedule, According to a DollarSprout October 2020 poll of 500 people With sidecars, while 20% gives priority to compensation. But even more important is enjoying work, which 42% say is their number one priority. People’s hobbies and … Read more

Album Review – “Bronco” by Orville Beck

By evoking the powerful sensuality of American music legends, pairing them with a superior understanding of style and presentation, and delivering it all to the rafters aloud, Orville Peck took what should have been an engaging form of musical entertainment, and elevated it into a burgeoning movement or phenomenon. Initially buoyed by the obsessive focus … Read more

5 Takeaways From Harry Styles’ New Album, Harry’s House

Three years later A fine lineHarry Styles’ new era arrives with open arms. In March, Styles announce his forthcoming third album, Harry’s house. The record is apparently named after Joni Mitchell’s song “Harry’s House / Centerpiece” from 1975 summer meadows hiss; Styles is a huge fan of Joni Mitchell who was once upon a time … Read more

The 30 Greatest Fleetwood Mac Songs – Ranked! | Fleetwood Mac

30. Keep on Going (1973). A masterpiece from the album Mystery to Me. Written by Bob Welch, Keep on Going sets Kristen McPhee’s voice against an arrangement audibly influenced by the soul music of Philadelphia International Records at the time: dramatic chords loud, dance floor drums. It is unlike anything else Fleetwood Mac registered. 29. … Read more

Musical sculpture on the National Mall singing Tahrir songs: NPR

Catastof Caravan Built of a steel frame mounted on wood machining equipment with red oak wall panels and gauze, a red propane boiler, a water tank, a gas generator, and a 38-note copper and steel steam caliper. Robert Shelley / National Gallery of Art Hide caption Caption switch Robert Shelley / National Gallery of Art … Read more

HEIDI SHEPHERD advocates BUTCHER BABIES’ return to ‘Nipple Tape’ for ‘Freak On A Leash’ music video

Rock band based in Los Angeles Jena and the Eastern Bloc Collaboration with the “provocative rock and roll dance group” little miss evil And kids butcher co-vocalist Heidi Shepherd to record a cover Corn classic ‘Stranger on the steering wheel’. NSFW music video for the track, directed by Jena and the Eastern Bloc vocalist Jenna … Read more