Reframing race and cancer

Research and discussion about high rates of cancer among black Americans has been dominated by genetics and research on biological differences. Now attention has turned to the social determinants of health. Many experts say there is a cancer problem in the United States, and the dazzling new treatments and brilliant scientific advances won’t solve it. … Read more

Stakeholders across the political spectrum call for legislation to strengthen oversight of diagnostic tests

For nearly five decades, the FDA has taken a piecemeal regulatory approach to its review of in vitro diagnostic tests (known as IVDs), the tools that countless patients rely on to determine the presence or risk of many serious conditions, including cancer, Diabetes, cardiovascular disease and more. Although commercially manufactured IVDs are required to meet … Read more

Physician leaders from Kaiser Permanente to share insights on healthcare policy and strategy at thINc360

Leaders from permanent medical groups to discuss the healthcare industry’s shift to value-based care, strategies to reduce readmission and improve outcomes, innovative technologies, and prioritize equity and inclusion and diversity of From 22nd to 25th May at Baltimore Oakland, California.And 12 May 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Today, the Permanente Consortium announced that several physician leaders from … Read more

The blind spot in Medicare for All

Debra Smith holds her medical bills in her living room on Thursday, October 7, 2021, in Spring Hill, Tenn. Smith reports that she has about $10,000 in unpaid medical bills from a series of hospital stays over the past year, even though she has coverage through Medicare. She was not able to make much progress … Read more

I am newly self-employed. Should I open a health savings account?

Since health care costs so much, and more every year, you should know about taxable Smart Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), especially if you’ve been self-employed recently. Here’s the story. If you are self-employed, opening a HSA account involves taking more responsibility for your healthcare costs rather than relying on the government. The good news: HSA … Read more

Partition and Delay – POLITICO

When it comes to refugees, the EU’s treatment of those fleeing the war in Ukraine is the exception – to a dark and deadly rule. Millions of Ukrainians who took refuge in the European Union received a very different welcome from those fleeing other conflicts, including the wars in Syria and Afghanistan, where some of … Read more

This proposal could solve the health insurance problem for part-time faculty at a community college – The Ukiah Daily Journal

By Michael Zinstein Part-time teachers at California community colleges have to work multiple jobs to earn a living wage, but some still don’t have enough health insurance. The state fund to help them hasn’t been increased in decades from $490,000 a year, but Governor Gavin Newsom is now proposing to add $200 million a year. … Read more