Society concerned about gap in mental health services | News

CITY TRAVEL – A shock wave hit Grand Traverse County two weeks ago when county commissioners voted to end the relationship with the Northern Lakes Community Mental Health Authority. Customers worry about disruption to services and employees worry about their jobs and their customers. Justin Reed, of Traverse City, is a recipient of services and … Read more

More Resources for America’s Young People’s Mental Health Crisis

Mental illness and general psychological struggles affect nearly every teen in the country. I have personally suffered from OCD and anxiety for many years. I would like to see more representation and attention to mental health in government, because mental health is an issue that affects everyone.” — Teen Patient at Nemours Children’s Health When … Read more

Mental health treatment in health care workers

LAUREN COUNTY, Ohio – The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the mental health of people around the world, including health care workers. Here in Northeast Ohio, there is a push to encourage both those working in the industry and those preparing to enter the industry to focus on self-care. At Mount Vernon Nazarene University, Judy Gregg … Read more

Why do you need a break

Klaus WeedweltGetty Images new search Published in the magazine Cyber ​​psychology, behavior and social networks It found that taking a one-week break from social media can improve well-being, depression and anxiety. Reducing the time you spend on social media can help improve your overall mental health even if you don’t reduce your screen time completely. … Read more

Writer and mental health advocate Sarah Fay on exploring mental health diagnoses, self-stigma, and mental health at work

Currently, approximately one in five people in the United States has a mental health condition. severely 46 percent of American adults and 20 percent of children and teens They will receive at least one mental health diagnosis in their lifetime. Sarah Fay, Ph.D., Department of State, is an award-winning author and mental health advocate on … Read more

The mental health of swimmers

politeness: Amanda Sovic-Johnston, Ph.D. Have you ever spent hours dissecting splits from the last 1,000 splits? Or feel guilty about eating more than your friends have for lunch? Or even afraid your friends won’t like you if you don’t hit split relay? If so, join the millions of athletes who experience the stress and pressure … Read more

Association Expands Mental Health Services in Anchorage

by Austin Quinn Davidson, Meg Zaltell and Forrest Dunbar updated: 3 hours ago Posted: 3 hours ago Jennifer Pierce, a mental health physician for the Anchorage Fire Department’s mobile crisis team, walks along 15th Avenue with a woman who appears to be in emotional distress on October 1, 2021 (Marc Lester/Anchorage Daily News) Starting in … Read more