Restoring America’s Wildlife Act will save $1.4 billion annually

The Restoration of America’s Wildlife Act came close to passing last week when it was approved by the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works. The legislation, which its supporters have described as a “game-changing” for America’s fish and wildlife, can now be voted on by both the House and Senate. The accompanying version of … Read more


Are we still wishing everyone a Happy New Year when Omicron rages on? Yes, I think we do, because 2022 should be better than 2021. Despite the fact that 2021 was the second year of the Covid virus, and it was all about vaccination and wearing masks, our walks in nature and beauty at our … Read more

New nonprofit focuses on state wildlife management reform, calls for shift from ‘consumption’ to ‘conservation’

A new nonprofit has entered the conservation battle, focused on reforming how the state of Washington manages wildlife and ecosystems. Washington Wildlife First will focus on reforming state agencies, particularly the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. “The state’s wildlife management must shift from a consumption model to a conservation model, recognizing the realities of … Read more

Exclusive wildlife smugglers crawling again as pandemic restrictions ease – UN report

Pangolin walks during a press conference after Thai customs confiscated a live pangolin, in Bangkok, Thailand, August 31, 2017. REUTERS/Prapan Chankaew/File Photo Register now to get free unlimited access to Register SINGAPORE (Reuters) – After a sharp drop in wildlife smuggling during the pandemic, authorities in Southeast Asia must move quickly to prevent smugglers … Read more

Celebrating the power of wildlife photography

In honor of National Photography Month, we interview Alex Goetz, Justin Grob, filmmakers, wildlife photographers, and founders. Play Wild Media, a film production company specializing in wildlife stories and conservation. Running Wild Media has partnered with Defenders to visually support our mission to protect America’s wildlife and wild places. picture Play Wild Media When did … Read more

Bath Township Wildlife Center Nottingham Nature Knock dazzles

TWP bathroom. – The Nottingham Nature Nook took place and tried to save 50 fakes in the last year, and raised and fired 18. It’s not a high rate, but Cheryl Connell Marsh considers it a success. When the antelopes arrive at her Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Bath Township, they are severely dehydrated and emaciated, … Read more

Possessing small wildlife is not a good idea | News

Spring in Oklahoma is the time when people usually encounter newborn and young wild animals. Rabbits, squirrels, deer, and newborn birds easily attract most people’s senses of care and compassion. But the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation reminds all Oklahoma residents that the best thing to do if you come across a small wildlife is … Read more

NCWRC: Leave the little wildlife alone – The Coastland Times

Cute little rabbits are a springtime staple, but taking baby rabbits from yards into homes will likely do more harm than good. People of good will often endanger the health of young wildlife when they interfere with the wildlife’s normal growth process, according to a news release from the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission. As … Read more

Bobcat views, interactions are on the rise in Boulder County, state

Colorado is reported to be seeing an increase in bobcat sightings and interactions between cats and humans, according to the Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, a Boulder County nonprofit that treats injured, orphaned, and diseased wildlife. A Bobcat stares at a photographer from a boulder in South Boulder in their backyard on October 12 in Boulder. … Read more