Do VPNs Increase Internet Speed?

While VPNs can provide you with higher levels of security while connected to the internet, the way they operate can have a detrimental effect on your internet speed. While many notice a drop in connection speeds when using a VPN, others have already seen improvements in certain cases. So, can a VPN really speed up … Read more

Want to pay $30 (or nothing) for high-speed internet? Find out if your family in Berkshire qualifies | local news

Rep. William “Smitty” Benatelli, Ashley Stolpa, Under Secretary of Housing and Economic Development, Lieutenant Colonel Karen Polito and Governor Charlie Baker on a tour of Beckett’s new Internet infrastructure by Jamie Cincotta, facilities manager at Whip City Fiber. Broadband initiatives have been critical to connecting rural Berkshire. Now the federal plan will reduce costs for … Read more

My transition from cable to fiber internet – Mercury News

a few weeks ago wrote about The initial difficulty I faced was getting AT&T fiber optic internet service installed in my home. The good news is that a crew showed up a few days later and installed a 1 gigabit fiber service that costs me $80 a month. That’s less expensive than the cable service … Read more

The joys of the internet in student revenge worth $400 on the room

Members of a popular Internet forum praised a former student’s quick thinking after detailing his costly revenge scheme against their college classmate. in viral form reddit In the post posted on r/pettyrevenge, Redditor u/BBBG214 (otherwise referred to as the original poster, or OP) said their relationship with their roommate soured after a short period of … Read more

Court allows Texas to activate restrictions on internet moderation

A controversial social media law in Texas will go into effect after today’s ruling from a US appeals court. The law allows Paxton’s office or Texas residents to sue social networks that moderate based on “the user’s or someone else’s point of view,” among other offenses — language that potentially makes basic moderation decisions legally … Read more