How to recover from injury

Recovering from an injury is an art form, as professional athletes and their teams will attest. It takes a combination of rest, rehabilitation, good nutrition, and proper medical care to get back to the top level as quickly as possible.

Recovery can also feel overwhelming at times, so it is essential to approach the process gently, accompanied by medical professionals when necessary. To help demystify the recovery process, we’ll explore the critical aspects of it, starting with how to tell if you should rest or push through the injury. We’ll look at how to adapt your diet to help you recover, including whether you should take any supplements. We’ll highlight how experts recommend looking after your mental health during recovery so you can avoid feeling low.

What should you do at the first injury?

Picture of a woman with a knee injury

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Each person’s recovery will be different. Here, we focus on minor orthopedic injuries, such as injuring a muscle during athletic training or injuring your back while doing yard work. However, some information will apply to you if you sustain a more serious injury. Either way, following medical guidelines is vital, so be sure to check with your doctor before changing your routine during recovery.