Lothar Matthaus is angry at Bayern Munich again and you won’t believe why

Lothar Matthaus is not happy and wants you to know that. why? The reason is ephemeral, but it is mainly about Bayern Munich. Repeating his complaint literally with a word would be boring, so let’s add some excitement to it, shall we? Can you identify the real picture?

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I won’t make it easy. Here are three standard Lothar principles. As a reader of this article, you will need to identify the real one. Vote on the poll before checking your answer. Let’s see how many of you can find it.

No. 1: Liwe Bade

Speaking to Sky Sports after Bayern Munich’s draw against Stuttgart, Lothar Matthaus had some words of choice for Robert Lewandowski. The Bayern striker has looked lukewarm in the past few matches, and has been linked with a move to F.C.B. Well, Matthews was not happy with the performance, and he made his mind clear:

I will not carry it. Performance like this affects the entire team. A player cannot take the club for a spin. No matter how much you earn, you need to work with the team.

if he [Lewandowski] He doesn’t want to play, he has to go.

Matthews has also criticized the quality of Lewy this season, saying:

Could not perform against Villarrealthat’s why they [Bayern] Outside Champions League. One goal is not enough. You look at Benzema, this is the player that Bayern Munich needs. Bayern does not need Lewandowski to win the Bundesliga.

Sorry, cruel.

#2: Bad prazo

As an expert, Lothar Matthaus comments on too many things. When a rumor spread that Bayern Munich sporting director Hassan Saleh Hamidgiz (Brazo) was partying in Mallorca with a group of player agents, the former midfielder was not happy.

At first the team was in Ibiza after an embarrassing performance in Mainz and now the sports director is being photographed on the dance floor at a disco in Mallorca very late. Unfortunately, this is quite unfortunate again.

Of course, Lothar is a Luther, still saying he found it “understandable”:

I can understand that Hassan wants a little distraction from everyday life.

In human terms, this is perfectly understandable. But leaving the disco dance floor at about two in the morning is not ideal in his position and current situation.

Does Lothar have a point? Possible and possible not. He didn’t seem to realize that Brazzo was partying with the players’ agents, but then again how much negotiation can you do on the dance floor?

#3: RIP Bayern Munich

The death of Bayern Munich is upon us, so Matthaus issued a decree. Speaking of the season as a whole, the former Ballon d’Or winner has a bleak outlook for Bayern Munich’s prospects in Europe. take a look:

I don’t see a strong Bayern in the Champions League next season. this is the truth. The team is much weaker and there is a huge loss in quality. Some players are too old and don’t play the best games.

There is also the problem of salaries. The Premier League now pays more salaries than Bayern Munich and this leads to difficulty in completing transfers. years ago hm [Bayern] They bought Lewandowski, but now they can’t even ask about Haaland.

It is a serious problem for the club and the league.

In ten years, the best German players will be in England, not Bayern Munich.

Well, that’s a little dreary isn’t it? Then again, since the Premier League’s dominance shows no signs of stopping, he may be right. It’s hard to say, but you can see why Florentino Perez wanted a Super League title.

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