Musk’s question about bots is nothing new on Twitter

Placeholder while loading article actions SAN FRANCISCO — When Elon Musk tweeted Friday that his deal to buy Twitter was “on hold” as he considered the extent of Twitter’s bot problem, he was creating an open wound at the social media company. Twitter’s challenges with bots and fake accounts have been around since the 16-year-old … Read more

Best CPU benchmarking software for 2022

One of the best ways to evaluate your CPU’s performance is to run one of the many great benchmarks that are available. They will test his initial performance on both single- and multi-threaded tasks, and some will give him a general workload to work with to give a better idea of ​​performance in the real … Read more

Why are Young Thug’s words used against him in court a problem

Hip hop, like any art form, is a vehicle for creative expression. And while rapping is often semi-autobiographical, when Kanye West recorded “I Thought Killing You/Premeditated Killing” in 2018, or when Eminem boasted 18 years ago that he put his dead wife in the trunk of a car, it certainly wasn’t These words are meant … Read more

We desperately need the glorious return of Jan Smart in Hacks

This is a preview of the pop culture newsletter The Daily Beast’s Obsessed, written by senior entertainment reporter Kevin Fallon. To receive the full newsletter in your inbox every week, Sign up here. I’ve learned that few pictures evoke more joy than That Jan Smart Wearing a sparkling leopard-print kaftan, he wanders the Nevada desert. … Read more

The new Dr. Strange 2 concept art features 4 Dr. Strange together

One of the most interesting concepts that come along with the multiverse is the idea of ​​variables. It was first explored in loki With Tom Hiddleston’s different identitiesIt has now been explored more than a few times. This time around, fans will meet, or have met, various alternate versions of Benedict Cumberbatch, Elizabeth Olsen, Rachel … Read more

Game 6 updates, injuries and news

Robert Williams will miss the Celtics for the third game in a row. We will provide live analysis, news and injury updates throughout the match. Follow along below. Live play by playing | Live broadcast result Click here to update | Sign up for Court Sense | More Celtics Stories Halftime: Celtics 53, Pax 43 … Read more

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How Experts Bet on Twins vs. Guardians

Commercial content, 21+ Friday MLB . table It has a full list of 15 games, but expert bettors have focused on some of the games. All information to be provided is derived from PRO . Network Action Reportwhich provides betting percentages and five “signals” – sharp money, big money, PRO systems, edge models and expert … Read more