Salona Global Medical Device Corporation announces expansion of Mio-Guard product lines; Highlights of the current technology portfolio

SAN DIEGO, April 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Salona Global Medical Device Corporation (“Salona Global”, “SGMD” or “the Company”) (TSXV: SGMD), an acquisition-oriented medical device company serving the injury recovery market Surgery (commonly known as Reconstructive Science) today announced the expansion of its product lines under its Mio-Guard® brand with its first premium grade electrode, which it plans to make available to customers in June 2022.

The company also presented highlights of the current technology portfolio it is using to expand its product line.

Premium Mio-Guard electrodes

With the recently announced (April 5, 2022) acquisition of its intellectual property portfolio, Salona Global is introducing the Mio-Guard Premium Grade Electrode to the recovery science market. The electrode is a multi-layered gel electrode used for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation and muscle electrical stimulation treatments. Manufactured in an FDA approved facility of Salona Global, the electrode provides excellent adhesion and comfort allowing it to be used multiple times without risk of injury. The product will be sold as four individual electrodes per package with a layer of carbon film for optimal electrical current distribution and electrode pads that do not sacrifice performance or adhesion. Incorporating the latest electrode manufacturing technology, Mio-Guard combines a special bonding with a moisture barrier to provide greater comfort and relief and speed up the healing process.

Leverage your existing technology portfolio to expand your product

The Simbex® Innovation Business Unit located in Lebanon, New Hampshire, has a long and strong track record in product innovation with a patented competitive advantage in several markets. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Salona Global, Simbex focuses on developing new, advanced products for the recovery science market that can be produced at Salona Global’s FDA approved facility and marketed under Salona Global’s owned brands, such as Mio-Guard.

The range of products created includes:

1. Riddell InSite Smart Football Helmet:

2. BionX Powerfoot Ankle:

3. Hololog Pain Relief Device:

4. MedRythyms Sensor:

“This is the first product we have launched as a fully integrated medical device company. Having an IP and having the product available for sale in just a few months is a significant achievement for our newly listed and rapidly growing company,” said Les Croese, Chairman and Interim CEO of SGMD. The Mio-Guard branded electrode is the latest component of an innovative range of products that we plan to distribute under our Mio-Guard brand. Recent intellectual property acquisitions are an important part of our multi-pronged growth plan. We plan to continue driving revenue and profit margins from top to bottom by sourcing or developing devices, producing them locally, and then marketing and distributing them as branded products that have a tangible and measurable impact on the customers we serve.”

The global medical electrodes market size is expected to reach more than 1.7 billion US dollars by 2028, according to a recent study by Brandessence Market Research.

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