North Korea reports COVID cases, launches 3 ballistic missile tests

SEOUL (Reuters) – South Korea and Japan said North Korea fired three ballistic missiles toward the sea off its east coast on Thursday in its latest tests aimed at advancing its weapons programs even as it reported an outbreak of the COVID-19 disease. for the first time. Three short-range ballistic missiles were launched at about … Read more

NATO welcomes Nordic members as Ukraine pushes Russian forces back

Finland expected to announce its attempt to join NATO Ukraine stops the main route for transporting Russian gas to Europe Russia imposes sanctions on Gazprom units in Europe and the United States Ukrainian forces seek to cut Russian supply lines on the battlefield Kyiv/BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Finland is expected to announce on Thursday its intention … Read more

Disdain for Russian diplomats in European capitals

Russian embassies lose car insurance, access to banks Foreign Minister Lavrov says his envoys should not go out alone Russia demands apology for paint accident Warns of possible further action WARSAW/VILNIUS (Reuters) – Russian diplomat Sergei Andreev felt unwelcome on the streets of Warsaw even before protesters poured red liquid on his face from a … Read more

Russia brought down satellite internet in Ukraine – Western officials

US: Russian hack aims to disrupt Ukrainian communications UK: Hack was ‘intentional and malicious’ EU: Viasat attack caused ‘random’ outages Russia routinely denies carrying out cyberattacks NEWPORT, Wales, May 10 (Reuters) – Russia was behind a massive cyber attack on a satellite internet that knocked out tens of thousands of modems at the start of … Read more

Ukraine halts transport of major Russian gas to Europe, blaming Moscow

Gas pipelines at the Atamanskaya compressor station, a facility of the Gazprom Power of Siberia project outside the far eastern town of Svobodny, in the Amur region, Russia, November 29, 2019. REUTERS/Maxim Shemetov. Register now to get free unlimited access to Register Kyiv/LONDON (Reuters) – Ukraine said on Tuesday it would suspend the flow … Read more

The US Congress plans about an additional $40 billion to help Ukraine and the COVID-19 wait

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. Congressional Democrats have agreed to pay $39.8 billion in additional aid to Ukraine, two sources familiar with the proposal said on Monday, easing concerns that a vote delay could disrupt the flow of U.S. weapons to the Kyiv government. The House can pass the plan, which exceeds President Joe Biden’s request … Read more

Exclusive Germany is preparing a crisis plan for a sudden end to Russian gas – sources

BERLIN (Reuters) – Three people familiar with the matter told Reuters that German officials were quietly preparing for any sudden stop in Russian gas supplies with an emergency package that could include taking control of important companies. The preparations led by the Ministry of Economic Affairs show the growing alert over the gas supplies that … Read more

Russian rail attacks fail to cripple ‘Ukraine’s lifeline’

FASTEV, Ukraine (Reuters) – A barrage of missiles has brought the Kremlin’s war on Ukraine to Fastiv, a quiet town with flowering cherry trees nestled in vast farmlands hundreds of kilometers from the front lines. The April 28 strike, which left two people injured, hit a power substation that feeds electricity to the junction of … Read more

The evacuation of steel plants in Ukraine in Azovstal focuses on the wounded and paramedics

Civilians trapped in Azovstal were evacuated Britain has pledged $1.6 billion for more military support and aid G7 leaders speak with Zelensky to show unity Kyiv (Reuters) – Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said evacuation efforts would focus on getting the wounded and medics out of the bombed Mariupol steel plants, after all the women, children … Read more

Pro-Russian forces say 50 more people have been evacuated from the besieged Ukraine factory

“Influential” countries are working to save the Azovstal fighters Ukraine fears that Russia aims to eliminate the Azovstal fighters More civilians evacuated from bombed steel mills Kyiv (Reuters) – 50 more people were evacuated on Saturday from the besieged Azovstal steel mills in Mariupol, pro-Russian forces said, where dozens of civilians were trapped for weeks … Read more