The Queen’s aides formed a “ring of steel” around the king

A royal expert has claimed that the Queen has a ‘steel ring’ around her to protect the monarch from appearing in the Harry and Meghan documentary on Netflix. Royal commentator Russell Myers wrote the comments during an interview with the Australian news program Today, while discussing whether any footage from the upcoming Platinum Jubilee celebrations … Read more

Americans lament the state of their 401K plans as stock market plunges

Americans are expressing concerns about their pension funds as blue-chip stocks continue to crash and fears of an upcoming recession intensify. Analysis published Thursday showed that — so far this year, the benchmark S&P 500 stock index is down 18 percent. Which led to the elimination of $ 7 trillion from the market value of … Read more

Steve Harvey lost a lot of respect to Will Smith after he slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars

Six-time Daytime Emmy winner Steve Harvey lost a lot of respect for Will Smith after his violent attack on Chris Rock at the Academy Awards on March 27, which he called a “punk move.” 65-year-old presenter Tell Georgia State University attorney Mo Ivory said on April 27 he was a “very good friend” of the … Read more

Fans of Percy Jackson, author of the SLAMS series, are angry over the choice of the 12-year-old black actress in the Disney + series

Percy Jackson author Rick Riordan has put out “racist” trolls in a scathing statement after online harassment of 12-year-old black actress Leah Jeffries, who recently appeared in the film adaptation of the fantasy series. In a post on his website on Tuesday, Riordan criticized a subset of fans upset that the role of Annabeth, who … Read more

Steve Burton’s life was in “chaos” and his marriage under pressure

Revealed: General Hospital star Steve Burton’s life was in ‘chaos’ and his marriage under pressure… before his 23-year-old wife became pregnant with another man It wasn’t shocking, a source told PEOPLE Steve and Sheree Gustin: “Their lives have been on the decline for a while. After a long marriage, that’s not strange.” The exact date … Read more

Jessica Biel is seen in a white shirt while Justin Timberlake wears a suit at the Kandy premiere

She transforms herself into a real killer housewife Candy Montgomery in her new true crime series Candy. But Jessica Biel left her on-screen appearance on Monday when she revealed a gorgeous white ensemble as she arrived for the limited-edition Hulu premiere in Los Angeles. The 40-year-old actress contrasted her vibrant looks with husband Justin Timberlake’s … Read more

David Beckham shows off his muscular legs as he works up a sweat in his new F45 workout in the gym

He is known for his quick moves on the court. David Beckham, 47, gave fans an insight into how he keeps himself in shape in an Instagram video on Monday. In the video, the Premier League professional showed an insight into the new exercise he devised in partnership with F45 gyms. Bringing on the heat: … Read more