The NHL playoffs are getting tight, but we’ve seen tighter

picture: Getty Images There is a common phrase leaking through Every National Hockey League playoff broadcast About how this is the “most identical” postseason ever. It’s as if these commenters get a bonus every time they talk about it. It sucks and most importantly, it’s not true. This year’s NHL Postseason is the most fiercely … Read more

Comma beards – the most ridiculous hockey tradition

The Stanley Cup beard has been an NHL tradition since the early 1980s, when the shaggy New Yorkers won four consecutive championships. It represents the individual focus of the players, as if personal hygiene were sacrificed in the pursuit of the Holy Grail of hockey. It signifies the gritty grit synonymous with the post-season NHL … Read more

Auston Matthews seals rally with ‘very special’ goal as Toronto Maple Leafs reclaim championship lead

Auston Matthews Knows when to seize the moment. The Maple Leafs star, and the NHL’s leading goalscorer in the regular season, has not scored since the first game of the first round of the Stanley Cup in Toronto against Tampa Bay. When Matthews lit the lamp again, the goal was to corner the winner in … Read more

The 2022 NHL Draft Lottery Explained – Everything You Need to Know

The NHL will be holding its annual draft lottery tonight, with 16 non-playoff teams looking to bid for future stars. The NHL Draft is scheduled for July 7-8 in Montreal. Here’s everything you need to know: When and where is this NHL lottery held? The NHL’s #1 general selection lottery drawing will be held on … Read more

Is Shane Wright still the first choice? What’s at stake in the NHL Draft Lottery

Shane Wright entered the 2021-22 season as the No. 1 unanimous prospect of 2022 NHL Entry draft. He was considered by many scouts as a true elite candidate, a potential star in the number one spot. After gaining the exceptional status of playing in OHL when he was just 15 years old, he immediately scored … Read more

New York Islanders firefighting coach Barry Trotz after missing the playoffs

New York Islanders fired coach Barry Trotz on Monday, with president and general manager Lou Lamorillo saying the team needed a “new voice.” The Islanders missed the playoffs this season, finishing with 84 points (37-35-10) and not making the Eastern Conference playoffs by 16 points. This was the first time in Trotz’s four seasons with … Read more

A new and fun world for Claude Giroud with the Florida Panthers

Claude Giroud He was asked if playing for the Florida Panthers was as fun as it sounds. “Okay, we’re winning,” he said. “So yeah.” Giroux, 34, had a classic deadline glow in the NHL trade, from the Philadelphia Flyers-related draft lottery to the Panthers, who won the Presidents Cup for best record in the regular … Read more

Jordan Bennington, thrilled to be back on the grid for ‘Fun Moments’, boosts St. Louis Blues in Game 4

Jordan Bennington He won his first playoff game in nearly three years on Sunday, supporting the St. Louis Blues to a 5-2 win over the Minnesota Wild in Game 4 until they made it to the first round of the Stanley Cup playoff series with a score of 2-2. Prior to Sunday, Bennington’s last playoff … Read more