The childhood school project of Tottenham striker Harry Kane proves that dreams can come true

The Harry Kane Childhood School project will form part of an exhibition on England’s leader at the Museum of London Gallery. Harry King Harry King It will be the subject of a new exhibition at the Museum of London devoted entirely to the life and times of the Tottenham Hotspur striker and England captain. 2 … Read more

Continue or cash in? Frenkie de Jong’s dilemma in Barcelona

Regular Barcelona watchers will recognize the spectacle. Barcelona struggles in a match, striving to break the opponent’s defense with determination. About an hour later, the fourth official grabbed a plate showing the number 21. Frenkie de Jong swayed wistfully from the field, and the Nou Camp crowd grumbled. This continues to happen. Prior to Tuesday … Read more

David Beckham shows off his muscular legs as he works up a sweat in his new F45 workout in the gym

He is known for his quick moves on the court. David Beckham, 47, gave fans an insight into how he keeps himself in shape in an Instagram video on Monday. In the video, the Premier League professional showed an insight into the new exercise he devised in partnership with F45 gyms. Bringing on the heat: … Read more

Trossard handball against Man United. Red cards for Ayling Leeds and Fabinho, Liverpool player?

Video Assistant Referee (VAR) causes controversy every week in the Premier League, but how are decisions made and are they right? After each weekend, we take a look at the most famous events and examine the process in terms of the VAR protocol and the laws of the game. – The most violent moments of … Read more

The Liverpool quartet’s hopes seem less likely after Tottenham revealed weaknesses in the draw

LIVERPOOL, England – Liverpool still looms large, but it’s starting to look like a distant dream after Jurgen Klopp’s side finally faltered in his quest for history. Although a 1-1 draw at home to Tottenham on Saturday put Liverpool back to the top of the Premier League on goal difference, they could go on for … Read more

Cox: Like Ancelotti, Guardiola got his subs right. There is not much he could have done

Even by the standards of the Champions League semi-finals, The most exciting and vibrant stage of any modern football competition, real madridback against Manchester Last night was really amazing. For 85 minutes at the Bernabeu, City were largely error-free and seemed to be able to score a controlled 1-0 win that would take them to … Read more