The best photo editing apps for your phone or tablet

While many Android manufacturers offer basic photo editing functions in their default gallery apps, Google Photos and third-party apps tend to be more powerful. The Google Play Store is packed with dozens of such apps and choosing one based on your preference can be a stressful experience. Here are some of our favorite photo editing apps.

Adobe Photoshop Express – Best for Creative Cloud Users

If you’re already paying for a Creative Cloud subscription, you can’t go wrong with this one. Photoshop for Android allows selective editing to create stunning contrast or create a cohesive image. You can use advanced processing to remove unwanted elements, remove noise, create collages, add custom watermark, and post directly to your social media feed with one click.

The best part is that you can start editing an image on mobile, upload it to your Adobe account, and continue editing itself with the convenience of desktop and the web.

cost: Free / $20 – $53 per month


Google Photos – Best for Google One Users

Google has been steadily Improve Google Photos with new photo editing additions. Some editing features are exclusive to Google One subscribers. If you’re paying for Google One, Google Photos’ advanced features let you adjust image contrast, skin tone, white point, and even HDR. There is also an encoder for adding doodles or text to an image.

Google Photos shines in automation. It will regularly suggest to create a collage, GIF, video or panoramic photo from your uploaded media library.

cost: Free / $2 a month

PhotoDirector – Best for Animation

Don’t envy your friend’s Instagram post with animated emoticons. You can apply the same effects to your photos with the PhotoDirector app on Android. Apart from more than 700 animated effects, you can take a look at more than 100 sky replacements to change the state of the photo, try out stunning backgrounds, and even remove unwanted objects from the photo.

cost: Free / $55 per year

Canva – Best for Graphic Design on the Go

Don’t dismiss Canva as just a graphic design tool. While it is mostly useful for creating eye-catching social media posters using a rich template library, Canva is packed with capable image editing tools. You can apply different effects, filters, adjust saturation, brightness, and even use the cropping tools to make changes.

You can save changes to your Canva account and continue editing on the Canva website. With a Canva Pro account, you can unlock more editing tools and schedule Instagram posts as well. Classy, ​​isn’t it?

cost: Free / $120 per year

Photo Lab Picture Editor – Best for creating stylized photos

Photo Lab Picture Editor offers a large collection of stylish photo effects. To our pleasant surprise, the app is already certified Google’s Material You theme engine. The developers have neatly divided the filters into different categories, and you will not have a hard time finding your favorite art style. The effects work best for selfies with a clean background to detect the face and apply the selected style.

cost: Free / $30 per year

Pixlr – Best for making posters

One of the advantages of Pixlr is that it does not require you to go through any lengthy setup process. Just download the app, grant the relevant permissions and start editing photos with many functions. Pixlr beats every competitor with amazing collage templates. Select a template, add photos from device storage, and your collage is ready to be shared on social media platforms.

cost: Free / $1 – $12 per item

Prisma – Best for Filters

Prisma created a lot of hype when it launched on the Google Play Store. With one click, you can turn your regular photos into save boards. Prisma art filters are really next level, and you will surely find something you love. Once the filter is applied to an image, you can further fine-tune the exposure, contrast, brightness, and saturation.

With Prisma Premium, you can easily switch between Prisma mobile and the web to complete your photo editing.

cost: Free / $1 – $50 per item

TouchRetouch – Best for removing unwanted objects

Your perfect picture may be spoiled by unwanted phone wires, picture spoilers, street signs and trash cans. Enter TouchRetouch to remove these objects for a flawless result in return. With Blemish Remover, you can remove small details like facial pimples as well. You don’t need to be precise while selecting an object, the app is smart enough to detect it and erase it from memory.

cost: 2 dollars (one payment)

Instasize – Best for Instagram Users

It’s time to up your Instagram game with Instasize on Android. Whether it’s filters, backgrounds, text or images, Instasize’s features are designed with Instagram users in mind. Create collages, insert frames, add fun styles like glitter, marble, holiday and color, add text, and browse through dozens of filters to create the perfect photo for your next Instagram post.

cost: Free / $1 – $21 per item

These mobile apps won’t give you powerful desktop photo editing tools, but they should be good enough to create an acceptable photo for social sharing on the go. Check out some of our favourites Google Photos tips and tricks If you need some help keeping all your awesome new photos organized.

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