Top 30 visits may shed light on the site mobilization plan that needs to be addressed

As part of the pre-draft process, each NFL team is allowed 30 official visits where prospects can come to the facility. Not only do these potential customers have to be early pickers; In fact, many will be third day picks or even UDFAs. However, it does give packs the opportunity to ask questions and get to know the player a little better.

In terms of who the specific players make these hits, it’s worth noting, but more often than not, these players will end up on other teams.

Peter Bukowski The Leap recently tweeted their top 30 picks over the past few years that ended up either being drafted by Green Bay or signed as a UDFA — and as you can imagine, it’s somewhat of a shortlist.

In 2021, the Packers didn’t become any of the top 30 hits. In 2020, Jordan Love and Josiah DeGuara are early picks. The year before, in 2019, Jess Sternberger, Cadre Holman, and Curtis Bolton all ended up being the Packers. While in 2018, Tim Boyle, Oren Burks, Kendell Donnerson, J’Mon Moore, Marquez Valdes-Scantling and Gerhard de Beer became members of the Packers.

Again, the names mentioned in the Green Bay for visits should be taken with caution, but instead what we can try to derive from that information are situations that the Packers might look to address.

Tom Silverstein The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel recently reported that 28 out of 30 are likely to visit Green Bay. The three most represented position groups were the receiver with seven hits, another seven were offensive tackles, and five were home defense linemen. Other positions represented were corner, safety, inside full back, goalkeeper and tight end.

The receiver obviously wouldn’t come as much of a surprise as nearly everyone considers him the greatest need in this Green Bay Packers team. But while depth definitely needs improvement, when it comes to specific needs, the Packers need a high-volume target on the frontier, someone who can add some YAC capability to this offense, and a vertical threat.

The offensive tackle depth is also pretty weak at the moment, with David Bakhtiari, Yosh Nijman and Cole Van Lanen as the only healthy options at the moment. In addition to boosting depth, finding some competition for Nijman, who hasn’t played a proper tackle since college and has over 600 shots in the NFL, for each PFFIt wouldn’t be a bad idea either. Depth will improve when Jenkins returns, but for now, the Packers are one injury away from having some serious problems at the center.

Along the inner defensive line, the Packers have just five players on contract in 2022 – they’ll need more – and as we look to 2023, there are only two players on contract at that time. On top of that, this is a unit that could be improved upon, especially in facing race where Green Bay ranked 30th in yards per carry allowed last season.

Not that the Green Bay can’t upgrade the safety, tight end and linebacker for the 2022 season, but the problems in these situations are more apparent in 2023 – although the Packers need to find a reliable third safety for the season. As of now, Vernon Scott, Josiah DeGuara, Defender Campbell and Isaiah McDuffy are the only players on contract in 2023 in those positions.

The offensive line inside, like Intervention, is a thin stance as well, with only Van Lanen, Jake Hanson and Michal Menet on the list of options behind Royce Newman, Jon Runyan and Josh Myers. We’ve all seen a year ago how important offensive line depth is, and at the moment, the firmness is lacking in this area.

Finally, the Packers might be well positioned in the back corner, but it’s also one of those situations where you can never get too deep – not to mention that any day three pick has the potential to become a key player on special teams.

However, if Green Bay is looking to fulfill a specific need, having another reliable slot option can do wonders for this secondary. Although Jaire Alexander might finish the season with the most hole shots, he’ll be moving, pursuing the opponent’s best future, so when that happens, who’s going to take those holes? There is very little experience with this position on the list.

Some players who came to Green Bay might end up visiting the Top 30 Packers, but there’s a very real chance none of them will either. More importantly, we can look at the jobs that have been brought in because that might give us some insight into the situations that Green Bay is already doing its homework on. Based on what has been reported, the positions made are in line with some of the Packers’ biggest needs.