Washington Nationals Series Preview: 2019 World Championship rematch against the Houston Astros

If someone asked me to summarize 2022 Washington citizens In one picture, I’ll go with this one.

Signature play for the series against New York Mets It wasn’t one of four Nationals-run, nor another solid outing from Patrick Corbin. No, this was the nightmare of a terrible play where Nats had two wins on the same base in one play.

And yes, it’s no surprise that the Nationals lost the series so convincingly, even though they made a good offensive comeback in Wednesday’s game to avoid what could have been a sweep.

Brace yourselves, it’s time to conjure up 2019 World Championship repeatedly! The Houston Astros They’re in town for the first time since the memorable Fall Classic event that the Nats won in seven matches.

The Astros reach the nation’s capital on a ten-game winning streak that saw them climb to the top of the MLS Western League. For those of you hoping to replicate the World Championship score, you might get your wish…that the road team might win every game, probably.

Here’s the lowdown ahead of the three-game weekend series at Nationals Park…


  • First game: Friday, May 13, 7:05 p.m. EDT. TV: MASN, radio: 106.7 fan
  • The second game: Saturday, May 14, 7:05 p.m. EDT. TV: MASN, radio: 106.7 fan
  • The third game: Sunday, May 15, 1:35 p.m. EDT. TV: MASN, radio: 106.7 fan

Potential jugs

  • First game: Josiah Gray (4-2, 3.45 ERA) vs. Framber Valdez (1-2, 3.34 ERA)
  • The second game: Eric Fede (2-2, 3.90 ERA) vs. Jake Odorese (3-2, 3.38 ERA)
  • The third game: Patrick Corbin (0-5, 6.06 ERA) vs. Justin Verlander (4-1, 1.55 ERA)

Who threw?

Alcides Escobar: Credit where credit is due. After criticism piled up on his play at the end of April, he’s been at least a little better at painting lately.

Since April 29, Escobar has cut .440/.482/.560 with double and triple appearances on 27 plates. Unfortunately, a nail problem has kept him out of the squad for the last two matches of the Mets series, but the Nats are expecting to return for the series opener this weekend.

Justin Verlander: Having started only one game over the past two seasons, Verlander has decided to stay with the team he helped win the title five years ago to try and recover from the injury. So far this point in the season, he’s done just that.

Overall in his career, Verlander has relied on striking strokes to dominate matches, but this year, while his impressive totals have fallen, he’s still practicing an excellent 1.55 ERA in six matches despite hitting 36 in 42.1.

He likely takes the ball into the series finale against the Nationals on Sunday, facing Patrick Corbin, both of whom played big roles in that fall classic in 2019.

Who does not?

Victor Robles: Well, Robles’ revival has been fun for a while, but there are indications that he might be coming back to Earth with a blow.

In his last eight games after a strong 8-for-14 display during the team’s three-game series in San Francisco two weeks ago, Robles cut 0.095/.167/.143 with just two strokes on 21 rackets, which is amazing. Go out 10 times and walk only once.

This leaves the midfield of the season at .215/.276/.291 incredibly underwhelming, with little or no power and a choppy hitting average. Apparently, it’s the same age as Robles since the 2019 season.

Yuli Grill: See, I told you we weren’t just picking up short stops! Gurriel sure isn’t a short hiatus but he’s had a pretty tough time on the board since the calendar flipped to May.

In nine games this month, he was the first player to have a poor slash of .147/.237/.206 in 34 at-bat games with a few extra key strokes and a single RBI despite the Astros lineup as a whole. Strong to start the month, ranking fifth in majors in OPS in May.

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Another thing to watch

For the first time since the Nationals left him after the 2017 season, Dusty Baker will head his former team into a regular season game — after plentiful spring training encounters between the two teams that share the same facility.

Becker has been popular with NATS fans during his two-year tenure in which his team won the Eastern National League in both seasons, and is likely to receive a gracious reception from the fans on his return.

As you’d expect, the longtime Major League manager still looks back on his time in the capital with fondness.

“I really enjoyed my time in Washington,” Baker said. Chandler Roma from the Houston Chronicle. “The two years I’ve had were probably some of the most enjoyable times I’ve had in baseball, on and off the field.

“I’ve always loved the diversity, the people and the level of education that was there. You’ve dealt wonderfully with the organization, and they have cooperated wonderfully with them. [GM Mike] Rizzo, all the people there.”

Because of this fondness, does Baker still wonder why the citizens decided to let him go? Not right.

“Why didn’t they sign back with me, I don’t know,” Becker She said. “It wasn’t Rizzo because he was the only one who had to tell me the news. This was in the past.”

Obviously, things have gone well for both parties since they parted ways.

The Nationals won the World Championship after just two seasons with Becker replaced, Dave Martinez, at the helm. Becker led the Astros to the ALCS in both seasons, winning one before losing to Atlanta Braves At the World Championships last year.

Either way, it would be nice to see Baker again in Nationals Park this weekend, albeit in another bunker.

Trivia Preview Series

Trivia question for the last series: last week, The Mets managed to come back from six games in the ninth game against Philadelphia Phyllis, matching the Nationals’ feat against the Mets in 2019. But who were the two primary bowlers from the Nationals’ 11-10 win? If that’s too easy for you, bonus question, who was the winning bowler for the nats?

Answer: Max Scherzer and Jacob Degrom started the match. Bonus: Javy Guerra takes the win.

Well, this question should just be a question about the 2019 World Championships. It should have been. So here’s the consensual question related to this series’ World Championship against the Astros…

Can you name the nine Nationals players who scored at least one RBI during the team’s World Championship win over the Houston Astros in 2019?