Wes Miller is getting ready for season two with the Bearkats

a year ago, Wes Miller He admitted that he was in an “absolute whirlwind,” and felt as if he was figuratively trying to drink water from a powerful fire hose.

Everything was quickly approaching him.

A year later, Miller, entering his second season as a men’s basketball coach at the University of Cincinnati, began taking his sips more comfortably.

Next steps for Cincinnati Bearcats: “Now, you’re trying to decompress the year.”

“I hate the word ‘comfortable,'” Miller told The Enquirer on Thursday. “I think the moment we feel comfortable, we’re in trouble, because then you’re not really pushing the envelope to get better. So, we still feel uncomfortable, and I mean that in a really healthy and positive way. We’re going to try to make sure we’re uncomfortable every day with a crazy sense of urgency to improve.